About us

BLOOM is the breakthrough, new cosmeceutical skincare brand created for the hotter and drier regions of the Arabian Peninsula.

Proudly niche, BLOOM is designed especially for skin frequently exposed to the challenges of dry, often intense heat, natural wind-blown dust, and the effects of daily application of sophisticated makeup.

Inspired by the Desert Bloom which flourishes after generous rainfall, know that with the right care, skin can bloom - even in the harshest of climates.
why we exist
BLOOM is the brainchild of a European nurse and cosmetic formulator living in the Middle East for more than 30 years.

Noticing that although there is excellent use of sun protection and avoidance of sunlight by residents of the Arabian Peninsula, there are still an ever increasing number of complaints of dry, dull, & ‘sensitive’ skin with hyperpigmentation. BLOOM aims to solve these issues and is the result of years of research into what truly works and why.

Containing no less than 7 groups of the most highly sought-after, evidence-based potent actives, this regime targets the very unique and specific skin concerns of this geographical region and ethnicity.

Look good,

do good, feel good.

As you enjoy the process of seeing your skin achieve its full potential to radiate health, vitality and wellbeing, know that each month a part of our proceeds are used to purchase and donate sanitary products to women in need in the Middle East through the Red Crescent organization.

This is a very basic necessity of feminine hygiene, which thousands of women do not have access to but no woman should be without. We would like to help where we can.