Why are cosmeceuticals often so expensive?

In general, ethically sourced, high quality actives are very much more expensive than inactive or low quality actives, especially if they are quite rare. Our date seed extract, ceramides and licorice root extract being perfect examples.
Effective cosmeceuticals are not as easy to formulate as you might think. Quite the opposite. They can be designed by dermatologists or aestheticians according to what skin improvements they want to achieve but they must be professionally formulated by highly experienced cosmetic chemists to ensure they:

  • penetrate the skin well
  • reach their intended cellular destination
  • are strong enough to effect an improvement but do not cause unwanted side effects
  • are the correct ph
  • do not oxidize
  • remain stable (vitamin A and C are notoriously unstable)
  • do not 'go bad' in extremes of temperature or over an extended period of time.

BLOOM is the brainchild of a European nurse whose passion for skincare motivated her to qualify as a cosmetic formulator. Living in the Middle East for the last 37 years she has watched the increase in the prevalence of daily sophisticated makeup, the increasing demand for neurotoxins and fillers and the growing number of people self-reporting sensitive skin issues despite excellent use of sunscreens and avoidance of UV light. BLOOM is the result of years of research and collaboration with one of the most experienced, regional cosmeceutical chemists to create a skincare regime specifically for the skin challenges faced when living in a hot, arid and often dusty climate.